About Us

Hawila Agro Indonesia is one of leading company that produce coconut derivates and essential oil from Indonesia to the world. We focus on developing our business strategy, creating sustainable relationship with farmers. Our process and capabilities are comes from the combination of the right process and the best technology. We ensure our people, our processes, and our technology are properly integrated.

As the leading producer of coconut derivates and essentials oil, we also provide natural resources and process it with healthy environment and safe. Our products are commonly used in various industries such as pharmaceutical, beauty, fragrance, flavor, food and beverages, etc.

our Vision

Our vision is to be the best leading company of coconut derivates and essentials oil in Indonesia which provide value and quality to our customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to networking with Indonesia’s natural product players and ensure the quality at its best because the foundation of our company’s success is to Harvest with Life and Gratitude.
Hawila Agro Indonesia also help regional economies to develop and provide welfare for existing farmers. We always continue to collaborate with several other companies abroad to distribute our product around the world.

Our Commitment

Support Our Farmers

We support and strongly bond with more than 200 local farmers and platers to secure the supply and demand scenarios on the market.

Quality Control

As a leading company, to ensure our production quality meet with customer requirements, in our checking we used equipment with high performance and accuracy. We continuous to improve our process of production, product and services to aim customer satisfaction.

Field Of Production

Build a collaboration with experts, we process every product efficiently and follow International quality standart.